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A theatrical guided tour «The Lost in the National»
The Lost
in the National
Spend the evening immersing yourself in the history of the hotel on a theatrical guided tour
Official partner of the hotel National
The concept of
The theatrical guided tour The Lost is a unique experience that combines the study of the richly detailed interiors of the best five-star hotels in Moscow with theatrical stories telling about curious facts that took place in these hotels.
The play
Thanks to the archives and the old-timers of the hotels, we used the most interesting stories to create a script and to stage performances for our guests involving actors of the best theaters of the capital and even ballerinas of the Bolshoi Theater.
Only the project The Lost is an official partner of the Hilton Leningradskaya, the National, the Crowne Plaza and other hotels. With us, you will always be welcome guests to be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine, to be taken to places that are not shown to anyone else, and to hear the most interesting stories in the format of a theatrical performance.
It is an ideal format for a light, unobtrusive evening alone or with company.
It will be appealing to lovers of beautiful interiors and unusual leisure time accompanied with a performance of the best actors and service of the best hotels.
It will be interesting for both native Muscovites and guests of the capital.
Immerse yourself
of the National Hotel
in the interior and the history
The National is the most prestigious hotel in Moscow at the time of its construction in 1903 that has absorbed the history of 3 major transformations of the country.
Dozens of prominent figures of history and culture visited the National, including Lenin, Stalin, Sverdlov, Trotsky, ballerina Anna Pavlova. Soviet writers and artists loved to dine at the National cafe.

Get in touch with the history of the hotel during a unique performance tour THE LOST.
Put on your headphones and enjoy the show
at the National Hotel
where you:

Stumble upon a magnificent performance of the lost soul of ballerina Anna Pavlova
Visit historical rooms where mysterious events took place
Meet the author of Three Fat Men
Wander the nooks and crannies of the hotel, inaccessible to ordinary guests
Admire a unique view of the Kremlin and Manezhnaya Square from the balcony
Learn about the most interesting details of the hotel's hundred-year history
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the late 19th and early 20th centuries thanks to the fact that interiors and a unique collection of furniture were preserved.
Stumble upon Sholokhov in an intimate situation that nearly cost him his life
The theatrical guided tour will be followed by a buffet table with light snacks

When you purchase a ticket for the Lost, in addition to the tour itself, you receive a welcome glass of sparkling wine; in the course of the tour, the photographer takes your photos in the hotel's interiors.
The theatrical guided tour will be followed by a buffet table with light snacks and sparkling wine.

Reviews of the tour at the National
  • Ekaterina

    “You know that there are old ghosts in every old house... Some see them, others believe in them, and still there are those who consider them to be nonsense.
    I had a chance to see ghosts in an old hotel in the very center of Moscow ... The Theatrical guided tour “The Lost” helped me in this.
    Thanks to them, I got the opportunity to walk around the National Hotel and explore the rooms where Lenin and other well-known people stayed.

  • Victoria

    This is an immersive theatrical guided tour all together.
    It was interesting to get into one of the most famous hotels in Moscow,
    to learn its history, to get to know its residents from the past, to see the Kremlin from the height of the 5th floor, from the balcony where even the guests of the hotel have no access to!
    I was impressed with what I saw!
    Thank you @zabludshiie, now I'm thinking of visiting the Hilton :)

The format

Hotel National, 15/1 Mokhovaya Str., Moscow.
As you enter the building, you will be welcomed by an administrator, who will take you to where the tour starts and explain all the details.

A ticket for one guest costs 3800 rubles.
In case the ticket payment fails or you experience any difficulties, you can always call us directly at +7 926 521-68-46 or e-mail at zakaz@bright-hotel-marketing.com.
We will help to resolve the situation.
Schedule of theatrical guided tours in the National
The Lost in the National
We organize a theatrical guided tour individually for companies from 4 to 80 guests

The theatrical guided tour The Lost is a perfect opportunity to strengthen the corporate spirit, build relationships with clients or just have a great evening with friends.

The theatrical guided tour is meant for people over the age of 16.

During the performance we ask the audience to mute their gadgets

The audience will have the opportunity to take pictures of the hotel's interiors

The audience is kindly asked not to take any pictures or videos of both the actors and the guests of the event.

If rules are violated, the administrator may offer you to hand over your gadget until the performance is over.

During the performance, we recommend that you do not take off your headphones until there is a signal from the administrator. Please do not touch the actors or talk to them.

The audience retains the opportunity to return tickets not later than 48 hours until the date the tour starts.

We monitor the temperature of all guests and do daily health checks of the actors and administrators. All props are disinfected daily, decorations are sanitized, and there are quartz lamps inside the premises. Disposable sanitary headphone covers, antiseptics, antibacterial wipes and masks are also available.

If any viewer is in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, we reserve the right not to admit him to a performance.
Unfortunately, the location of the performance is not specially equipped for the audience with disabilities.

Official partner of the project

Director and Screenwriter:
Elokhova Ekaterina Grigorievna
Founder of the project:
Maksimovich Yulia Rinatovna
Senior guide:
Soboleva Alisa Sergeevna
Makeup artist:
Ionova Alina Yurievna
Kvitsinia Guram Zurabovich
Tsvetaeva Anastasia Andreevna
Gorbachev Albert Alexandrovich
Lomonosova Alina Valerievna
Popova Polina Mikhailovna
Malyarevskaya Tatiana Dmitrievna
Filatova Polina Vladimirovna
Buglak Anton Dmitrievich
Minin Artyom Vladislavovich
Kostryukov Egor Andreevich
Struchkov Dmitry Sergeevich
Dedovets Danila
Sound engineer:
Zakhovaev Daniil Dmitrievich
Administrative manager:
Almaeva Marianna Viktorovna

Sales Manager:
Mokhovikova Valentina Ivanovna

Digital manager:
Panteleeva Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Naletova Daria Alexandrovna
Shoshina Yulia Pavlovna
Kravtsova Tatiana Alexandrovna
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